Those Rocket Eating Trees!

I’m not alone in saying ‘yikes!’. Those were some hungry trees just behind the flight line yesterday. In any case, I’m meeting Derek from Timber Falls Tree Care up at the launch field this afternoon, around 4-4:30 to retrieve my Partizon. It has $150 worth of electronics and casing in it, and I know exactly where it is. If anyone else needs a retrieval, show up today and Derek will scamper up the tree and get it back for you.

Scott – do I need to call Tuckahoe Turf Farms and inform them that I will be on site? Please let me know.

– Matt

One Response to Those Rocket Eating Trees!

  1. Matthew Laudato

    I got my rocket back safe and sound. Wasn’t able to negotiate a deal to get the other rockets down since I don’t know what others are willing to pay, so I need people with treed rockets to think about the following: Derek (tree guy) charges to show up – $100. Then $50 to get the rocket. I think that is too high. So, what is your rocket worth to you? There are at least 3 rockets that I saw that were accessible by him. What would a fair price be for retrieval? I was thinking, $50 opportunity cost and then $25 per rocket. Let me know and I will reach out to him.