NH Scout Jamboree

You’ve likely seen some postings or links to the NH Scout Jamboree or heard some talk of it at a CMASS or MMMSC launch. Well, the event is upon us and we need to count up our volunteers. The event is this Saturday, 10 October, at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, NH. We plan to drop off the club trailers on Friday but with the predicted weather, we won’t be able to set up until Saturday morning.

We plan on using several sawhorses with launch rods installed and the launch equipment from the two clubs. We would like to start setting up at 7 AM on Saturday with the activity running from 9 AM to 4 PM per the event schedule. We would like to have as many people on-hand as possible because we have no idea how many scouts will be participating.

Scouts have had the opportunity to purchase and build Fliskits rockets throughout the summer. Any rocket that’s brought up to safety check needs to be reviewed with a cautious eye. It would be great if we could man some stations to “fix” any problems in the builds so the scouts could fly their rocket. We hope to have some ready-to-fly rockets available for scouts to buy or borrow if they decide to fly at the last minute.

Please send an email to the president@cmass.org if you can be available for the whole or any part of the day. Instructions for parking and on-site transport will be sent out before the event. This will be our biggest off-site event of the year and we need to provide a good experience for the scouts. Please do what you can to help out.

04 October Launch! Yes This Is A Sunday Launch!

Set up for the launch will start at 9:30. Please be there to help. The sooner we get flying the more time we’ll have before any weather interferes.

Keep an eye on this post, the club’s Facebook page and TRF to get any updates about the launch.

Joint Launch with CMASS 12 September 2015

We’re going to have a joint launch with CMASS on Saturday the 12th of September. This means we’ll have more people flying more things so it will be a great day to come out and fly or just watch.

Both Fliskits and Animal Motor Works will be on the field so all of your vendor needs will be addressed.

The weather looks pretty good but we will try to set up early to get as much flying in as possible. If you can be there at 9 AM to help, feel free to do so.

Jim Moe is thinking of bringing his equipment for stargazing later in the day. If the weather cooperates, he’ll be back at the field at 8:30 PM and invites anyone who would like to join him to chat with him about it during the launch.

Our Next Launch Is Saturday, 29 August 2015 Pumpkin Cannon Will Be Sharing The Field!

Hi All,

Our next launch will be this weekend.  We will be sharing the field with the American Chunker Team(Air Cannon Propelled PUMPKINS!)               For Safety we will be setting up beside them and launching into the field. 

AMW will be on site with the NEW trailer full of rocket goodies.

Tuckahoe Turf Farm / 305 Hubbard Road / Berwick / Maine                                                    Please Remember that Hubbard Road is CLOSED so you will have to go around the closed bridge

 (Setup at 09:00) But they will be shooting pumpkins at 08:00~14:00.  Launch from 1000~16:00

Do you want to have a launch on 29 August?

Please check out this thread on TRF.

Our Next Launch 15 August 2015

Hi All,

ALERT! HUBBARD ROAD IS CLOSED BEFORE TURF FARM, SEEK ALTERNATIVE ROUT TO FIELD! i.e. Ridlon Road (the one on the other side of the field, (not sure gate is open) but it will take you back to Hubbard Rd. OR Please GoTo TRF forum to the local/regional events section and look for tomorrows launch for better directions.

AMW will be at this launch with the NEW trailer full of rocket goodies and accessories! Gloria will be doing the cooking!

Remember your water and sun screen!

August 1 launch notes

Hope everyone had a great time at the launch.  If anyone finds a yellow and black Madcow Mini Tembo with screamer, please contact Devan Edwards at gadget279@yahoo.com as he would like to get it back!

Hello And Welcome, To All Our New UNH Tech-Camp Friends

Hi All,

Monday the 13th. of July MMMSC worked for one day with two groups of 25 six and seventh grade girls to build a Flis Kits “Doo-Dad” rocket. MMMSC then Went back to UNH a couple of days later and did a quick LPR launch with the girls. It Was a very popular activity during the five day camp.

This past week(20-24) Kenn and Scott with the help of two very helpful camp counselors Kim(math/science teacher) and Dan(high school student). Have been working with eight students in the 8/9/10 grade level on a “Stability Of Flight Module” the students learned about CP and CG. As well as lots of other rocket building skills and tricks. Next week we will regroup with some old friends and some new friend and learn about TARC and Mid Power Rocketry (MPR).

The UNH Tech-Camp is also affording MMMSC many networking opportunities that we hope to take advantage of and welcome new NAR and Club members.


Hi All,

We have fog right down to the tree tops.  The cloud floor would be the tree tops so HPR would be a NO GO.  They are also forecasting thunderstorms by 14:00~15:00 so we will pass on that.

Our next scheduled launch is, 1 August 2015

CMASS will be in Acton on the 25th.

Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! 19 July 2015 The Best Day This Weekend!

Hi All,

Sunday is predicted to be sunny and a good day for flying.

Animal Motor Works will be on site with the trailer full of Rocket goodies. AMW will also be doing the catering for this weekend.

We may also have some of the Tech-Camp participants joining us at the launch after they got a taste of rocketry at UNH this past week.