Launch report – 9/13/2014 MMMSC-CMASS Joint Launch

This post is for any and all club members to comment on and add their notes and observations on the launch.

First note: windy! There was more than a bit of weathercocking, but for the most part this worked to our advantage, with nearly all rockets recovered on field.

For my part, easily my worst flight was the lawn dart of the Galliifrey. The E31 I used was a bit underpowered, and the 8s delay proved too long, though my internal clock counted a 6s up, 6s down flight – so I’m still a bit puzzled. I think it is F or G only for that bird once it is repaired. Remainder were ok, with my Estes D-Region Tomahawk having a snapped rubber shock cord. Some of the plastic fins detached when the body fell unaided, nothing that can’t be repaired.

Claude failed to blow up any rockets with ‘bad batch’ E’s, and Bill got to do some flying of his hybrids, always a cool sight and sound. Guy and Kenn ran a smooth launch as always, and we had many young visitors flying the always popular Estes Crayon rockets. I left around 3, just as the rain started.

Please comment and add to this permanent record of our launch!

This Is Mostly The OUT BOX

Hi All,

Looking forward to our joint launch tomorrow!

I wanted to let everyone know that we are glad to have people post here, just understand (sadly) that most of what Matt and I wade through are spam emails offering knock off merchandise from all over the globe. So if we do not see a name/handle/nick name, we have seen on TRF or Facebook  the safest action is to send the post to the waste bin.  No slight intended but this, and all web sites, are under attack constantly, Workpress is updated constantly to stay ahead of the game.  MMMSC mostly uses this as a way to get info out, not in, but our email goes right to my phone, and it and I, are usually in the same place.

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- Matt Laudato

Lost in Woods

(This was posted by Curtis as a comment – I’ve elevated it to a post so that it is easier to see by all)

Lost in woods.

Hey, we lost a rocket on 8/16 in the woods … 4 in diameter red with red and blue parachute. We didn’t get a good vector on where this thing went or landed. I hiked through the woods several times, and was unable to even spot it. If anyone spots (or recovers this), please let me know! Thanks. I would chip in for the tree climber recover person.

There are three rockets about 3/4 the way down the woods (behind the porta-john), maybe 25 feet in, all within a short distance of each other.

Also, about 1/4 the way down and 50 feet in, there was a red rocket with orange parachute. I have the gps coords on a photo on my phone, if everyone is interested.


Hi All,

There will be a combined launch with CMASS on the thirteenth.


Hi All,

The RC Air show at Sanford Airport needs Volunteers for;

Helping to launch Crayon Rockets with kids, we will have 3 or 4 pads set up behind us and will launch Crayons until they toast!

Talk to the general public about rocketry, in and around the tent we will have rockets on display and will need people to answer questions and engage the passers by with the option to launch a rocket out behind our location.

Mostly we need club members to loan rockets to display around the tent.  We will need you to bring them to the Air show or drop them at my house before the show.  E-mail me for directions and organization.  We will have less room this year as we may not have the larger tent to set up in this year, but we will see what we find when we get there.  So I am mostly looking for large/larger rockets and/or fiberglass that can take the looking and kids.

AMW, Robert and Gloria, have arranged the rocketeers who are flying, but anyone who wants to also help with the ground support operation would be welcome.

So E-mail me with what you can do, any help is greatly appreciated!

V-MAX Drag Race Special! Saturday 30 August!

Hi All,

On 30 August Jason of AMW will offer a SPECIAL On i800 P38-4g V-Max motors for High Power rocket drag race.

Next Launch Is This Saturday 16 August.

Hi All,

Hope to see you all on Saturday 16 August, lots of rockets big and small to watch and enjoy.

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Those Rocket Eating Trees!

I’m not alone in saying ‘yikes!’. Those were some hungry trees just behind the flight line yesterday. In any case, I’m meeting Derek from Timber Falls Tree Care up at the launch field this afternoon, around 4-4:30 to retrieve my Partizon. It has $150 worth of electronics and casing in it, and I know exactly where it is. If anyone else needs a retrieval, show up today and Derek will scamper up the tree and get it back for you.

Scott – do I need to call Tuckahoe Turf Farms and inform them that I will be on site? Please let me know.

- Matt

Look At The Event Schedule Dates Have Changed!

Hi All,

The Tuckahoe Turf Farm has requested that we do not hold launches on Sundays,  as this is their harvest and pick up day, hence the tractor trailers moving in and out.  There were no problems, they just want to be sure that the workers and drivers do not have divert their attention to watch for non-farm personnel.

We agree totally, and have adjusted the schedule accordingly, so please take a look at the Event Schedule. Thank You, and we are sorry if this is an inconvenience.