V-MAX Drag Race Special! Saturday 30 August!

Hi All,

On 30 August Jason of AMW will offer a SPECIAL On i800 P38-4g V-Max motors for High Power rocket drag race.

Next Launch Is This Saturday 16 August.

Hi All,

Hope to see you all on Saturday 16 August, lots of rockets big and small to watch and enjoy.

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Those Rocket Eating Trees!

I’m not alone in saying ‘yikes!’. Those were some hungry trees just behind the flight line yesterday. In any case, I’m meeting Derek from Timber Falls Tree Care up at the launch field this afternoon, around 4-4:30 to retrieve my Partizon. It has $150 worth of electronics and casing in it, and I know exactly where it is. If anyone else needs a retrieval, show up today and Derek will scamper up the tree and get it back for you.

Scott – do I need to call Tuckahoe Turf Farms and inform them that I will be on site? Please let me know.

- Matt

Look At The Event Schedule Dates Have Changed!

Hi All,

The Tuckahoe Turf Farm has requested that we do not hold launches on Sundays,  as this is their harvest and pick up day, hence the tractor trailers moving in and out.  There were no problems, they just want to be sure that the workers and drivers do not have divert their attention to watch for non-farm personnel.

We agree totally, and have adjusted the schedule accordingly, so please take a look at the Event Schedule. Thank You, and we are sorry if this is an inconvenience.


Hi All,

I was asked to put this up for AMW, due to prior scheduled commitment of all the AMW staff,  no AMW rep will be at Acton. If you need anything call it in to AMW and it will be delivered to Bill Spadafora, President of CMASS.

Independence Day Celebration Launch SUNDAY 6 JULY!

Hi All,

Lets all celebrate Independence Day with some rocket launches! Due to the impending storm at sea, we are going to be holding the launch on SUNDAY 6 JULY.

Sunday Will Be The Sunny Day

Hi All,

Looks Like SUNDAY! will be the better day this weekend and will have zero chance of rain and the sky will be clear and winds light.

Look forward to seeing everyone out at Tuckahoe this SUNDAY!

Who Wants a Cheeseburger?

New Trailer With New Graphics!

Hi All,

The new trailer got some artwork last night.  Jason of AMW who also does this kind of work was nice enough to help out the club by applying the lettering and logos to the trailer.  The lettering came from www.signspecialist.com in TN. The logo work is from StickerShock in TX.




Hi All,

We will slide to Sunday!  The field should have drained by Sunday and the clouds will be high in the sky.  The Sun might even show up?

CMASS MEMBERS with season passes bring your pass and/or Remind us you have one so CMASS will cover your launch fee.

See you all SUNDAY!

MMMSC Joint Launch With CMASS! 17 MAY 2014 (WILL SLIDE TO SUNDAY THE 18TH!!!!!!)

Hi All,
MMMSC will be showing off the new trailer with all the logo and lettering in place.

We will also be shooting HD video for use in some sort of info/promo use.

We will also be using our new grill and offering both hotdogs and burgers.

We will also have three new rails to show, and they will be mounted on TARC heads with blast deflectors. One is a 20mm x 20mm, this is aimed at Mid-Power and we will have buttons to show you and maybe some rockets fitted with them. The other two are 10mm x 10mm x 900mm and take two nylon screws as the buttons. This is aimed at Low-Power due to the length of the rail. But this rail is head and shoulders more stable than the 1/8th rod could ever dream of being. We have all watched rockets sway to and fro on a rod in light wind, or rod whip during launch. Paint in a launch lug, Misaligned launch lugs, fouled rod, well all that goes away with two small nylon screws installed post finishing.