Hi All,

We will be holding a launch on 9 May, 2015! This will be a FULL Launch, LPR, MPR, and HPR. Set up is at 09:00, Launch 10:00-16:00.  We will have burgers, hotdogs, soda, water, and BIRTHDAY CAKE



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Wear Warm Footwear!

Hi All,

Due to circumstances and personal obligations, I am going to have to scrub the scheduled April club launch, and truly the field by the 18th. would most likely be a mud fest.  So we might reboot in early May if the field is ready.

The launch for MIT will still go in the first part of April, but that is a one pad, one shot deal just for contest purposes.

Should Have Posted This Long Ago!

Hi All,

If you want to join this sight to comment or post, Great, BUT you will not be allowed in IF your name is not associated with your email account etc. We are not doing anything that we need aliases, if you are, we don’t want you anyway.

So if you are John Q. Public, your email for our site needs to be some form of that even if you have to be, John_Q_Public12345@?????.???  skycutter69@yada.yada wont get you in.  Better yet use your work email, they have good firewalls, you hope.

If your IP is from Poland, Russia, Romania, etc.  or out side the U.S. and Canada and you do rockets and want to follow or comment; follow us on Facebook. As we just bounce anything from outside.


MMMSC will be scheduling a launch for college rocket teams that need to get in tests of payloads and launch vehicles to 10,000 feet and under for upcoming SLI/USLI, NASA, Aerospace competitions.  The launch will be mid March  more info will be posted.

This will be a HPR Only, but it will be open to those who want, or need to attempt their Level 1 or Level 2 flights.


Welcome To 2015

Hi All,

First 2015 looks to be a big year with many events, some ones we have participated in before and some that are in the planning stages right now.

Our educational outreach will be growing this year, with opportunities that are in the planning stages right now.

The events we have participated in before we will endeavor to make bigger and better with more planning and better organization.

One event is so massive it will take the cooperation of all the NAR clubs in the New England area! This event looks to be a great time and will allow NAR to put on a show, with displays, Q&A with the Scouts, Demonstration launches!         With out reservation MMMSC says this will be a RED ALLERT! ALL CREW REPORT FOR DUTY!  So PLEASE! PLEASE! save Columbus Day Weekend FREE!!!


Winter Solstice Sparkies Launch

Hi All,

We are going to get the jump on the Solstice and the bad weather and go on SATURDAY DECEMBER 20th.  Saturday looks to be the best day of the weekend and the road and launch area are clear.  We are looking forward to many high powered rockets with Sparkie motors, as well as a rocket powered Christmas Tree.  There will be low and mid power pads set up as well.

Animal Motor Works (AMW) will be providing, HOT COCO, and HOT Coffee, they will be selling, CHILLI and a VEGETARIAN SOUP!

As always spectators are welcome, keeping in mind this is a family oriented activity.

15 November 2014 Launch

The weather is looking chilly but the sun will be out. Set up location will depend on conditions and we may try to have some supplemental heat on the field.

Keep an eye on this page, Facebook and TRF for any further information.

Launch Is Canceled

Hi All,

This weekends 11/1 and 11/2 launch is canceled due to bad weather forecast.

See you all at CMASS at Amesbury on Nov. 8th.

Scott (:€

WARNING: November Launch Will Be Moved To SUNDAY! Cold!

Hi All,

I am looking a dueling weather sites, one has (Sat. rain or snow/Sun. snow) other has (Sat. snow and rain/Sun. snow).  So I think we will go for Sunday, BUT check back here on FRIDAY to see what is going on.

NOTAM is up for Sunday 12,2014

Hi All,

We are a go for a SUNNY SUNDAY!