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We have several TARC teams in the Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts that are looking for flight time for practice launches and qualifying flights.  I am not going to officialaly schedule launches for “X” day as the weather is to big a player in the equation.  But would rather go weekend by weekend if you need flight time.

There are some scheduled launches at NAR clubs available.

Rhoad Island, www.rimra.org  RIMRA’s next launch February 13, 2016.

Coneticut, www.catorockets.org  CATO’s next launch February 20, 2016.

CMASS, www.cmass.org  March 19,2016.

Contact MMMSC via email or Facebook and we will work on setting up a launch at the Tuckahoe Turf Farm, Berwick, Maine.


Hi All,

MMMSC  will schedule a launch for 9 January 2016.  We have members who are looking to attempt their L-3 qualification.  Obviously we make no promises about the weather or field access by 9 January 2016. But Sparkies will be a GO.

R & G of AMW will be with us with the trailer and some hot food!  If you have a transportable fire container\pit and some wood bring it along! There is the large pile of dead pallets available if we can get to them.


Hi All,

Maine Missile Math & Science Club will be holding it’s annual Winter Solstice launch on 19 December 2015. All the usual rules apply except sparky motors will be allowed. Please remember, all sparky motors are considered high power and you need to be certified to fly them. All of the F- and G-impulse motors on this list that have (HP) as part of their listing require L1 certification. As always, bring your NAR, CAR or TRA card showing your cert level if you’re planning on flying any high power motor.

AMW/ProX will not be in attendance but you can contact them early in the week, place and pay for your order and your motor will be available at the field.

Keep an eye on the weather conditions and don’t fly too much rocket for the field. If your rocket may not land on the field, you may not make it past safety check.


Hi All,

On Saturday,  5 December 2015 there will be a college student launch from 10:00 to 14:00. This is for college teams, and team members, to do testing of flight vehicles and payloads. Some students will also be attempting L-1 and L-2 certifications. MMMSC members are welcome, but this a HPR launch, 10/10 15/15 rails only.  But there will be room for others to launch in between college team, and team member launches. NAR Safety Protocols will be followed, BUT this is a bare bones set up.  So far we will have, North Eastern, MIT, BU.

Jason (L-2) will be on site with CTI Motors from AMW so let AMW or Jason know what you or your team need for motors!



Hi All,

We have decided to slide to Sunday the 15th as it will be warmer and less windy! AMW will be on the field with their trailer full of rocket goodies! Gloria has a special TURKEY SANDWICH, as well as hamburgers, hotdogs, hot chocolate.

It’s hunting season so wear some bright orange or lime-green.


NH Scout Jamboree

You’ve likely seen some postings or links to the NH Scout Jamboree or heard some talk of it at a CMASS or MMMSC launch. Well, the event is upon us and we need to count up our volunteers. The event is this Saturday, 10 October, at the New Hampshire Motor Speedway in Loudon, NH. We plan to drop off the club trailers on Friday but with the predicted weather, we won’t be able to set up until Saturday morning.

We plan on using several sawhorses with launch rods installed and the launch equipment from the two clubs. We would like to start setting up at 7 AM on Saturday with the activity running from 9 AM to 4 PM per the event schedule. We would like to have as many people on-hand as possible because we have no idea how many scouts will be participating.

Scouts have had the opportunity to purchase and build Fliskits rockets throughout the summer. Any rocket that’s brought up to safety check needs to be reviewed with a cautious eye. It would be great if we could man some stations to “fix” any problems in the builds so the scouts could fly their rocket. We hope to have some ready-to-fly rockets available for scouts to buy or borrow if they decide to fly at the last minute.

Please send an email to the president@cmass.org if you can be available for the whole or any part of the day. Instructions for parking and on-site transport will be sent out before the event. This will be our biggest off-site event of the year and we need to provide a good experience for the scouts. Please do what you can to help out.

04 October Launch! Yes This Is A Sunday Launch!

Set up for the launch will start at 9:30. Please be there to help. The sooner we get flying the more time we’ll have before any weather interferes.

Keep an eye on this post, the club’s Facebook page and TRF to get any updates about the launch.

Joint Launch with CMASS 12 September 2015

We’re going to have a joint launch with CMASS on Saturday the 12th of September. This means we’ll have more people flying more things so it will be a great day to come out and fly or just watch.

Both Fliskits and Animal Motor Works will be on the field so all of your vendor needs will be addressed.

The weather looks pretty good but we will try to set up early to get as much flying in as possible. If you can be there at 9 AM to help, feel free to do so.

Jim Moe is thinking of bringing his equipment for stargazing later in the day. If the weather cooperates, he’ll be back at the field at 8:30 PM and invites anyone who would like to join him to chat with him about it during the launch.

Our Next Launch Is Saturday, 29 August 2015 Pumpkin Cannon Will Be Sharing The Field!

Hi All,

Our next launch will be this weekend.  We will be sharing the field with the American Chunker Team(Air Cannon Propelled PUMPKINS!)               For Safety we will be setting up beside them and launching into the field. 

AMW will be on site with the NEW trailer full of rocket goodies.

Tuckahoe Turf Farm / 305 Hubbard Road / Berwick / Maine                                                    Please Remember that Hubbard Road is CLOSED so you will have to go around the closed bridge

 (Setup at 09:00) But they will be shooting pumpkins at 08:00~14:00.  Launch from 1000~16:00

Do you want to have a launch on 29 August?

Please check out this thread on TRF.