It Is A Beautiful Day To Launch Rockets!

Hi All,

It is a bright sunny day, look forward to seeing as many of you who can make it out today at our first official launch of the 2014 season.



See You All On Saturday April 19th.

Hi All,

Due to the current field conditions and the impending rain forecast for this week we will reschedule for Saturday April 19th.

meanwhile take a look at our new store!

The MMMSC Equipment Trailer

Hi All,
GOOD NEWS! We have a trailer! It’s cargo space is 60″ tall by 60″ wide and 8 to 10 feet at the pointed nose.
First THANK YOU! To all the members who have donated to the trailer fund.
We now need to outfit the trailer with shelving and storage to keep the club equipment in good shape. This is being done as cheaply, and efficient a method as can be done.
The exterior of the trailer is also in need of logo and lettering.
So for those who have yet to donate, we still need your donation to outfit the club trailer.
The trailer has been registered in Maine(good for two years) in the club name/ien# so the club is now a rolling box.
The inside plywood walls and floor have been sealed with two coats of white exterior paint. It is much brighter inside, and protected. One shelf unit was bought by the club, it fits perfectly, but more are needed.

WISH LIST:  Shelving Units 36Wx14Dx54H @Home Depot

Just wanted to send out an update to keep everyone in the loop.


Tuckahoe Turf Farm News

Turf farm is still sporting snow on some parts.  The parts that are not snow covered are grass and mud.  I spoke with the field management this morning and discussed the road and field, as of this time it is off limits until it dries out and firms up.  This will hopefully change by the April 12th,  if it does not we will slide to later in the month.


Update On RI Launch!

Hi All,

The launch has been moved to Sunday 23rd. due to weather.  Everything else is the same.

Lets Welcome A New Old NAR Club

Hi All,

As a new rocket club in a populated state like Rhode Island is a fantastic chance to outreach to the schools and youth clubs, MMMSC is calling our March 22nd launch as ether it will still be real cold or real muddy still.  MMMSC invites all its membership to buddy up, car/van pool up and head to RI on the 22nd.

CATO is providing launch equipment and support so it should be well attended by their membership. CMASS is also going to be joining in this launch. All in all a good chance to ware you colors and meet friends old and new.

The launch site is the turf field off Peckham Farm Rd. in Kingston, RI.  It is off Rt. 138 and across the street from the URI Ryan Center.  From the SatMap it looks like you can take interstate 95 south and get off at an exit for 138 and head east.

I will update with more info as I get it.

Lets Go Burn Some Sparkies!

We Are A GO For Today!

11:00 to 14:00



MMMSC Needs A Trailer

Hi All,

Please hit the PayPal button and donate what you can we need $2,500 for trailer and registration. We are gaining but need another $1,600 to make it happen.

Thank You,


Sparkies For Spring

Hi All,

IF the waiver is back by the 28th(I believe it will be) On Sat March 1st. we will have a sparkies launch at Tuckahoe Turf Farm.  10/10 rail and .25 x6 only.

This will be real informal, No Cards, small PA, no food or Potty, just fun! Parking will be across the street at the farm office/garage lot, if road is not open.

All NAR rules will be followed…..

Weather You Like It Or Not

Hi All,

Got a call from FAA, the MMMSC waiver renewal is packaged and up to Boston for approval.

This has been a good winter for snow, and it has been cold. So there is hope it was cold long enough to kill off the nasty ticks.  The schedule is up for all to see, but we are at the mercy of the weather.  MMMSC hopes we can use the dates posted.

Remember your sun screen!