October Surprise Next Launch Sunday 23 October 2016


Hi All,

The Pumpkin Spice gang strikes again, and all kidding aside they need the field to dial in their Pumpkin Canon before nationals. So we will slide to Sunday 23 October. Set up time is 09:00 and we will launch till 16:00

Be aware of signs on the field and person to direct you to the parking area and where to off load.

Amw Prox will be on the field with their trailer full of goodies as well as their grill for hot dogs and hamburgers. In addition to that, Gloria will have her deep fryer there to make delicious french fries and she’ll put together a nice batch of chili. With the pepper Robert grows, I’m sure there will be adders you can include to make the chili as punishing as you want.
If you need any specific CTI reload, Estes, Madcow, Rocketry Warehouse, LOC or other kit, check with Amw Prox ahead of time to be sure they can bring it for you.

Todays Launch is SCRUBBED due to RAIN!

Flis Kits Anniversary 17 Sept. 2016 At MMMSC

Hi All,

Just to let everyone know that due to dry conditions in Amesbury, MA the Flis Kits Anniversary will be held at the Harvard Turf Farm(formerly Tuckahoe Turf Farm.) 305 Hubbard Road / Berwick Maine.  We are on the far east side of the field and someone will direct you to parking.

Set up is at 09:00 and we will launch when ready till 16:00.


MMMSC Next Launch 10 September 2016

We have a launch scheduled for 10 September 2016 at the Harvard Turf Farm (formerly Tuckahoe Turf Farm) in Berwick, Maine. Set up will start about 9:30 and we’ll be flying as soon as everything is ready to go. The plan is to fly until 4 PM.

What are you planning on flying?

Robert and Gloria will be there covering all your AMWProX needs. If you’re looking for anything in particular, check with them ahead of time. Remember to bring your 38 mm CTI reloads so Robert can check your delay grain holder. If it’s from the bad batch, he’ll replace it at no charge to you. Whether you are going to fly them that day or not, bring them along so they can be inspected and, if necessary, replaced.

If you’re going for your Level 1 or Level 2 certification, please let us know ahead of time and have all of your paperwork ready along with your NAR card to show your active status. If you’ve recently joined or certified at a level but don’t have your updated card yet, bring your temporary card and/or a print out from the national website to show you are allowed to fly the level you’d like to fly. If you’re going for your Level 3 certification, you should know enough to have all your ducks in a row well before you get to the field.

If you’re going to need the 1515 rail, give us a heads-up about that, too; if we don’t have to lay out the extra cord and equipment, we can save lots of time at both ends of the launch. Jim Moe’s new pad design worked wonderfully at recent launchs and promises to be a stable platform for the increasing numbers of bigger rockets we’re seeing.

And as another reminder, NAR now requires electronic recovery deployment for any CTI Vmax motors. This will be an ongoing restriction until CTI can define and correct the matter.

MMMSC Next Launch 30 July 2016

Hi All,

SET UP:  Will be 09:00. We will fly when we are ready, and fly until 16:00.

LOCATION: Tuckahoe Turf Farm / 305 Hubbard Road / Berwick / Maine

Hopefully we will be welcoming some new flyers from the UNH Tech-Camp as this will be the first launch after the Tech-Camp closes for 2016.

We will have, Hamburgers, Hot Dogs, Soda, Water, Crisps, Watermelon, per usual. We should also have a vendor on site with motors, and other rocket goodies.

We have a New Big BIG High Power Rocket pad for all the “L” “N” “M” crowd to try out. We will also begin to Raffle off MMMSC Extension cords, as the decision has been made to switch to exact length runs of 16ga. White Lamp Cord to speed the set up and tear down and to lighten the load in the trailer. We will also be making the switch to Anderson Connectors on all points of connection.

NOTICE:  AMW will be making an exchange of 38mm CTI motor parts or CTI motor tooling.

9 July 2016 Launch Scrubbed

Sorry All,

Forecast for Saturday and Sunday is for Rain and Thunderstorms through out both days.  We have the UNH Tech-Camp for the next three weeks till the end of the month. So there may be an opportunity to fit another launch in say on the 16th so stay tuned.

Maine Missile Math & Science Club 25 June 2016

Hi All,

Location:  Tuckahoe Turf Farm / 305 Hubard Road / Berwick, Maine

Set up: 09;00  We will fly till  16:00

We will have; burgers, dogs, veg burgers, soda & water.  Jason from AMW will be on the field with assorted rocket kits and supplies.

MMMSC Joint Launch With CMASS 21 MAY 2016

Hi All,

Location:  Tuckahoe Turf Farm/  305 Hubbard Road/ Berwick, Maine

Setup:  09:00   We will be flying till  16:00

MMMSC’s next launch is a joint launch with CMASS on 21 May 2016.  We will have both Jim Flis owner of Flis Kits and Jason of AMW on site for this Sat.  Remember your yearly passes for CMASS will be good for this launch.

We will have; Burgers, Dogs, Veg Burgers, Crisps, Soda, Water.


Next Launch 30 APRIL 2016

Hi All,

We launch at the Tuckahoe Turf Farm in Berwick Maine.  Tuckahoe Turf Farm is located at 305 Hubbard Road, Berwick Maine.  Our launch day starts with setup at 09:30 and we will start launching as soon as we are set up.  Normal launch day is 10:00 to 16:00.

We will have burgers, vegi bergers, dogs on the grill, and soda and water for sale too. We also have a Port A Potty on the field for comfort.  The launch is open to the public and it is free to come and spectate.

Jason will be on-field for AMW/ProX so if you need something specific contact him or Gloria to check availability. Until CTI starts shipping again, some motors may not be in stock.

Come early and help set up (about 9:30). If you need the 1515 rail, be sure add some extra time to help set it up.Let us know what you’ll be flying. Level 2 tests will be available for those who want to take that next step.


Hi All,

Dress warmly this weekend, MMMSC will be holding a launch on Saturday 26 March. We will be welcoming AMW back from their far flung travels to other clubs around the country.  Robert and Gloria will have their new trailer full of rocketry goodies.  Gloria will be providing the catering with hot and yummy food to keep us going through a cold launch.  We will also have TARC and SLI teams joining us for this launch, as the run up to TARC and SLI are almost at an end.

We look forward to seeing you this weekend.  As always this is open to the public and free to come watch the launches.  This will be at our home field at;

Tuckahoe Turf Farm305  Hubard Road / Berwick Maine.

Set up:  09:00 Launch: RTF  till 15:00.