Winter Solstice Sparkies Launch

Hi All,

We are going to get the jump on the Solstice and the bad weather and go on SATURDAY DECEMBER 20th.  Saturday looks to be the best day of the weekend and the road and launch area are clear.  We are looking forward to many high powered rockets with Sparkie motors, as well as a rocket powered Christmas Tree.  There will be low and mid power pads set up as well.

Animal Motor Works (AMW) will be providing, HOT COCO, and HOT Coffee, they will be selling, CHILLI and a VEGETARIAN SOUP!

As always spectators are welcome, keeping in mind this is a family oriented activity.

15 November 2014 Launch

The weather is looking chilly but the sun will be out. Set up location will depend on conditions and we may try to have some supplemental heat on the field.

Keep an eye on this page, Facebook and TRF for any further information.

Launch Is Canceled

Hi All,

This weekends 11/1 and 11/2 launch is canceled due to bad weather forecast.

See you all at CMASS at Amesbury on Nov. 8th.

Scott (:€

WARNING: November Launch Will Be Moved To SUNDAY! Cold!

Hi All,

I am looking a dueling weather sites, one has (Sat. rain or snow/Sun. snow) other has (Sat. snow and rain/Sun. snow).  So I think we will go for Sunday, BUT check back here on FRIDAY to see what is going on.

NOTAM is up for Sunday 12,2014

Hi All,

We are a go for a SUNNY SUNDAY!

Maine Missile Math & Science Club at UNH Durham Oct. 18th.


Hi All,

We will be doing a display of rockets and outreach at UNH Durham on the 18th. of October.  This is the flyer for the event, we will have prime space under the main expo tent and will set up Saturday morning.  We will display, Rockets, Motor cases, Electronics bays and altimeters, etc.  We will not be doing any launching, just talking about rocketry and NAR, AIA, NASA sponsored contests, and handing out club flyers.  If you would like to come be part of the event to talk to the public about rocketry your participation would be greatly appreciated.  If you have a MMMSC, CMASS, NAR, club shirt, OR your AIA company logo shirt, that would be cool too.  We will bring the trailer to show it off, and we will have drinks in the cooler.

October 12 Launch Second Attempt

Hi All,

Well I as club President apologize for Saturday, the weather forecast from KDAW Rochester showed a better day.  I am sorry for all who ventured forth and were disappointed.  Sunday looks to be a sunny day, hope you will give it another try.

The October 12 launch will start with Scott explaining how we set up and why and what goes where, so that those who want to help set up have an idea of what we are aiming for with field set up.  Same with tear down as to how to pack the trailer.

Burgers, hotdogs, soda, water, all will be available.

Launch report – 9/13/2014 MMMSC-CMASS Joint Launch

This post is for any and all club members to comment on and add their notes and observations on the launch.

First note: windy! There was more than a bit of weathercocking, but for the most part this worked to our advantage, with nearly all rockets recovered on field.

For my part, easily my worst flight was the lawn dart of the Galliifrey. The E31 I used was a bit underpowered, and the 8s delay proved too long, though my internal clock counted a 6s up, 6s down flight – so I’m still a bit puzzled. I think it is F or G only for that bird once it is repaired. Remainder were ok, with my Estes D-Region Tomahawk having a snapped rubber shock cord. Some of the plastic fins detached when the body fell unaided, nothing that can’t be repaired.

Claude failed to blow up any rockets with ‘bad batch’ E’s, and Bill got to do some flying of his hybrids, always a cool sight and sound. Guy and Kenn ran a smooth launch as always, and we had many young visitors flying the always popular Estes Crayon rockets. I left around 3, just as the rain started.

Please comment and add to this permanent record of our launch!

This Is Mostly The OUT BOX

Hi All,

Looking forward to our joint launch tomorrow!

I wanted to let everyone know that we are glad to have people post here, just understand (sadly) that most of what Matt and I wade through are spam emails offering knock off merchandise from all over the globe. So if we do not see a name/handle/nick name, we have seen on TRF or Facebook  the safest action is to send the post to the waste bin.  No slight intended but this, and all web sites, are under attack constantly, Workpress is updated constantly to stay ahead of the game.  MMMSC mostly uses this as a way to get info out, not in, but our email goes right to my phone, and it and I, are usually in the same place.

Please feel free to like us on facebook(again hits my phone instantly) and post there, or TRF, as the ambassador reads that more than I do.  This website is still growing and will become more helpful to you out there, and to the club as we find ways to utilize the data.


Note to registered users

A note from your friendly webmaster. I’ve seen an uptick of users being created lately. For the most part, I recognize the users as frequent fliers at our launches. I also easily recognize spam users, which I delete immediately.

The tricky part is users that look good, but who either don’t supply a first name and last name, or supply one that seems very disconnected linguistically from the email address.

So, reminder of the rules:
1. If you don’t supply a first and last name, and if the email address doesn’t pass my sniff test, I will delete the account.
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It is mostly Scott and every now and then me who do most of the posting – so I want to encourage you to post on your own. As far as I can tell, the ‘real’ website for our club is TRF, so let’s fix that and get some activity on our own board here.

- Matt Laudato